Product Info


Interior Design Range

The interior design range is ideal for wrapping round bannisters and in situations where flexibility is important

  • This artificial garland is available in traditional green and guarantees a realistic and true look of classic Christmas live pine branches.
  • All of our products are also available in white or white and green mix.
  • The twig is less stiff than our commercial range and has finer soft-touch ‘needles’ and flexible twig and core wire.
  • This product is ideal for all interior uses such as mantelpiece decoration, ceiling drape and stair-bannister weave.
  • The wreaths are perfect for indoor or outdoor use on doors or walls – lightweight but strong and durable.
  • ‘Needle’ on twig width 5cm
  • Galvanised steel wire means no rust, durable and long lasting.
  • Manufactured in the UK. Steel and wire from Sheffield.

Luxury Range

The 35cm Luxury garland is stunning

The 35cm commercial luxury garland is stunning

  • Interior or exterior use.
  • Strong twigging and core wire which will support heavy lighting and dressing.
  • Guaranteed to keep its shape.
  • Less dense than the commercial luxury range but a great economical alternative.(125 tips/Metre) 5cm ‘needles’.
  • Galvanised wire so no rust – durable and long lasting.

Commercial Luxury Range

Commercial Luxury Wreaths are very heavy duty and suit large spaces

  • Suitable for Interior/Exterior use
  • We use our classic blend of colours to create authentic artificial foliage.
  • Much denser than the luxury range. (285 tips/metre) 5cm needles.
  • This range has a very strong twig and stiff inner core. The strengths of the wire used will support heavy lighting and dressing.
  • This product is ideal for interior large-scale schemes and design where visual impact and strength is required.
  • This range can also be used outside against walls and features but we recommend the heavy duty range for cross-street and exterior suspension purposes.
  • Manufactured in the UK. Steel and wire from Sheffield.


For non-commercial or bulk enquiries or samples of product please visit our online shop and place your order direct.

  • We offer stars, moons and bels which are dressed with garland on both sides and are ideal for lamp post / window / wall or cross-street/mall suspension

Christmas Tree and Frame Re-dress Foliage

  • Rolls of ‘wreath’ garland with strong twig and flexible core for easy application.


  • We stock a range of connectable or battery LED lights.