Interior Design Swag

  • The Interior Design Swag uses our classic blend of colours which guarantee a realistic and true look of classic Christmas live pine branches.
  • The twig is less stiff than our commercial range and has finer soft-touch ‘needles’. It has a flexible but strong core wire.
  • This product is ideal for all interior uses such as mantelpiece and wall decoration where a single sided light swag is required.
  • We can provide these in classical green, white, white & green ‘snow effect’ twigging.

Interior Design Swag 25cm (2.7m)

We produce high quality swags garlands and wreaths in our facility in Warwickshire, England.


Price: £14.00

Interior Design Swag 25cm (1.8m)

Our Christmas swags are made in England by The English Garland Company. We can produce bespoke products as well as our regular product range.


Price: £11.75

Interior Design Swag 25cm (1.2m)

We manufacture beautiful Christmas swags in Warwickshire, England. This range are perfect for homes and smaller commercial spaces.


Price: £8.60

The English Garland Co